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Yaba Buluku Boyz – Tsunami Ft. Timaya


Tsunami by Yaba Buluku Boyz Ft. Timaya

A powerful musical group from Mozambique called the Yaba Buluku Boyz has just released their latest catchy song, “Tsunami.”

The performance was improved with the addition of Timaya’s capabilities, a multi-talented Nigerian musician and songwriter who was one of Dem Mama Records’ first signings.

The enthralling record that was previously discussed is a follow-up to the song “Your Mumu,” which was also released in the past.

New music will, at some point, become an immortal favorite that is worthy of a spot on your playlist. This will happen at some point in time, especially in these beautiful settings. It will be the kind of music that makes you happy, as opposed to a tune that makes you feel down in the dumps.

Listen and share your thoughts below!


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