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Portable, a seasoned genius in Nigerian music who also composes songs and is the leader of Zeh Nation, has released a massive new album that is released under the title “Brotherhood.”

Bobrisky, a well-known Nigerian cross-dresser who has recently been awarded the title of “Best Dressed Female,” is the subject of the recently released club hit “Brotherhood,” which is a song that conveys a sense of suspicion.

The skilled Nigerian music producer and hitmaker 2tupondeebeatz is responsible for the creation of this thrilling single to be released.

In addition, this fascinating song is a follow-up to his most recent debut offering, which is titled “My Country,” and it is still creating waves in the music industry.

While you are in these opulent circumstances, you will eventually find that new music becomes an all-time favorite that is worthy of having a spot on your soundtrack. As opposed to a song that makes you feel down, it will be the kind of music that makes you feel happy.

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