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Mohbad & Zoro – Imana Idi Bad Mana Adi’m More Bad


Imana Idi Bad Mana Adi’m More Bad by Mohbad & Zoro

Both Mohbad and Zoro are renowned musicians, and their collaboration on the song “Imana Idi Bad Mana Adi’m More Bad” is a testament to their mutual talent and creativity.

In addition, the song is a great example of Mohbad‘s command of the Igbo language, as evidenced by his deft delivery of the song’s lyrical line, “Imana Idi Bad Mana.”

Those who often listen to music likely have access to the most recent version.

Despite your best efforts, you will inevitably be one of the many people who miss out on this significant achievement.

Listen in and leave your thoughts in the comments section!


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