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Jux – Hello Ft. Djodje, P.M.P & MzVee


Hello by Jux Ft. Djodje, P.M.P & MzVee

Jux – Hello Ft. Djodje, P.M.P & MzVee Jux – Hello Ft. Djodje, P.M.P & MzVee

“Hello” is yet another blockbuster single delivered by Jux, a prominent and famous R&B artist from Tanzania.

Furthermore, Djodje of Cape Verde and P.M.P., two amazing female singer-songwriters, were recruited by him to increase the volume. The Ghanaian artist known as MzVee is incredibly gifted.

The aforementioned song is also the sequel to “I Need You,” which was a joint effort with the great vocalist, Jay Melody.

In addition, this is undoubtedly one of the most incredible tunes to find success. Under no circumstances may it be disregarded.

Those who often listen to music likely have access to the most recent version.

Despite your best efforts, you will inevitably be one of the many people who miss out on this significant achievement.

Listen in and leave your thoughts in the comments section!


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